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Supplement Sales Set

Supplement Sales Set

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Have you wanted to help your patients, but didn't know what to recommend or how to say it?

Are you tired of knowing your patients are buying supplements from low quality brands or are saying "no" to bettering their health?

Finally, equip yourself and your staff with a functional tool you all can use.

Our expertly-crafted and proven 50 cards contain:

  • 30 of the top supplements - with education and tips of how to recommend
  • 12 "everyday" objections you hear (and how to overcome them)
  • 8 of the most common supplements for drug-induced nutrient depletion - with video education to promote mastery

The dietary supplement market continues to grow at a rapid pace and patients need you to help them!

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  • Supplement Education

    Without the knowledge of nutrients, it will be hard to make confident recommendations to your patients. Level up your education to increase conviction and ultimately your sales.

  • Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

    Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion is the easiest way to "start" recommending supplements. Become an expert on the most common nutrients that your patients are deficient in from their medications.

  • Objection Handling

    Your education helps increase patient's understanding, but the best thing for the patient is that they take the supplements consistently. Use these cards to overcome the most common objections you will hear.

Who This Is Best For

Whether you are already carrying and selling top pharmacy supplement brands or are looking to get started, these cards will boost your business.

Without the knowledge, you can not confidently make recommendations.

Without the sales strategy, you will struggle to help customers make the investment in their health.

Pick up a deck for your entire patient-facing team, and take your sales to the next level!

  • Free Shipping on Orders of 5+ Packs

    Don't just help yourself. Equip your entire staff so everyone is capable of assisting your patients.